Sunday, September 11, 2016

Nail Polish Marbling

If you follow me on Instragram (shameless plug...) you may have seen me share some nail polish marbling pieces. YOU GUYS, I'm obsessed with how simple yet how amazing this DIY is. I found it one night while scrolling through Pinterest and I've been experimenting ever since. 

If you're looking for a fun, new craft that can be used to make cards, decor, or anything your heart desires :) see below for full step-by-step instructions. 

What you'll need:
Nail Polish (I found that Sinful Colors works the best, and it's cheap!)
Thick paper of any size (I found the one below on Amazon)
Tuper ware or any container that can easily fit your piece of paper laying flat
Room temperate water

Start by slowly pouring the nail polish into the water. Emphasis on slowly since this nail polish is really runny and if you get too much in your container it becomes hard to swirl. 
Once you've poured your desired amount, take a tooth pick and start swirling the nail polish in different directions until you get a design that you like. 
Immediately after you're done swirling the nail polish, grab your paper and lay it on top of the water. Do no dunk the entire sheet, just lightly tap on it so all edges capture the nail polish. 

And then... drum roll please... you have you're amazing, unique, super easy marbled design! Don't forget to let it dry until the paper is no longer wet from the water.
I love getting creative with this DYI and experimenting with mixing colors!

If you try this out, tag me on Instagram at @allisonupnorth. I would love to see your marbling creations :) 

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