Welcome to Allison Up North, I'm excited you're here! 

The summer after my Junior year in college I made the daring decision to do an internship 1,300 miles from my home, in Hartford, Connecticut. I packed my bags, boarded the plane, and mentally prepared myself for the fast-paced east coast culture that I was about to experience. When I arrived to my intern housing, everyone was nervously introducing themselves and awkwardly trying to make friends, as most 20 year-olds would do in this situation. Reluctantly, I joined in. One person asked me where I was from, and I smiled and answered, "Minnesota". It was then that I realized the renown of my home state as they replied, "Where's that?"

I love Minnesota for many reasons. Although I understand that when people imagine it, they picture the movie Frozen, without Elsa or the singing. However, Minnesota is much more than a giant frozen tundra.

Explore the site, stay awhile, and get to know the Minnesota I know and love!

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