Sunday, April 12, 2015

These are a few of my favorite things...

Hello friends, family and fellow Minnesotans! 

I am very excited about this post because it combines two of my favorite things; art and Minnesota. What could be better? 

This past weekend the St. Paul River Center hosted the American Craft Show. When most of us think of the word "craft", we picture bad art projects from elementary school art class. However, this was a show that celebrated the handmade creations of artists. It was unlike anything I'd ever seen. With everything from clothing, to jewelry, furniture, and sculptures, I was in love as I walked past each exhibit. I think it's so cool how some of the most beautiful things are made by hand. This show was the definition of expression and creativity.

Now, I may have forgotten to mention that all of the pieces on display were for sale. Dangerous. I could have bought it all. And since I went solo, no one was there to stop me :) 

But in all seriousness, my favorite part of the show was the handmade jewelry, and I left with two beautiful pieces. A pair of earrings from NEAL and a bracelet from Nick Lundeen. I would highly recommend checking out their websites. 

If you did not make it out to the American Craft Show, you can find a list of all the artists by clicking this link! Check them out and don't forget to support their amazing work.


  1. This is awesome! I can't wait for this summer and all of the Art Fairs!

    1. Me too! My favorite one is in Uptown every summer :)

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