Sunday, April 19, 2015

Goodbye Midwest, Hello North!

This week's post is going to be a little different. Instead of talking about a restaurant, event, or the most visited tourist attraction, this post is dedicated to how Minnesota is breaking the midwest mold. 

Have you ever noticed that there is not an area of the United States that we distinctly refer to as the  "northern" region? There is the west coast, east coast, southern half, and all the leftover states that are not located on the coasts are lumped together and called the "midwest". Think of how many states are classified as being a part of this region. It stretches from Nevada through the Dakotas all the way to Kentucky, and is supposed to encompass all the unique traditions, tastes and lifestyles under one name. The Midwest.

Cue the "North" campaign.

Have you heard? Minnesota is growing up and leaving the midwest nest in order to be recognized as it's own Northern region. 

If my blog title didn't give it away, I am passionate about Minnesota and where we are located, hence Allison Up North. So I'm excited that there are others out there that believe this state is deserving of its own regional identity. 

Although Minnesota is often recognized by outsiders for it's cold winters, Minnesotans own it. We own the cold because we are hearty and united by what others think makes us unappealing. At the same time, we aren't in this northern region alone. I'd gladly consider Wisconsin (sorry Vikings fans), the Dakotas, Michigan, and others apart of the North. 

What do you think of the "North" campaign? 

You can learn more here

* The "North" campaign was started by Eric and Andrew Dayton founders of Askov Finlayson

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