Sunday, June 21, 2015

Love for Nelli Designs

If you know me, it's no secret that I love anything to do with art, art fairs, crafting, design... the list goes on. So for this week's post I'm really excited to share with you an artist that brings together her love for dogs and design to create Nelli Designs. 

Kathy is the creator behind Nelli Designs. Her craft is candles, and they are worth wagging about! She originally created Nelli Designs as a way to commemorate the loss of her dog Maggie, a dalmation/golden retriever mix that was the light of Kathy and her husband's lives. What started as a project to make one memorial candle to honor Maggie, became a way for Kathy to help others celebrate the love for their canine companions. 

You may be wondering, why Nelli Designs? Nelli, is the latest furry friend in Kathy's family. Kathy and Nelli honor Maggie together by making memorial candles. 

Nelli Designs not only sells memorial candles for dogs, cats, and horses, but also gift candles and note cards that couldn't be cuter!
Meet the talented Nelli, who can balance a treat on her nose!

Visit Nelli Designs online site to shop and learn more!

**A portion of the profits are given to no-kill rescue organizations that help find loving homes for animals in need. 

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