Sunday, May 24, 2015

Follow the Yellow Brick... Trading company!

Every town has a memorable shop. A place where you can find special treasures, bargain buys, and vintage items that can't be bought at your local Target. In Chaska, that shop is Yellow Brick Trading Company.

I remember the first time I stopped into YBTC. I was about to move into my first adult apartment, and I was determined to find the perfect pieces that said, I'm not a kid anymore and I've got an eye for decor and style. So I walked out with a Bugs Bunny lamp and a Flintstones cookie jar. 

But in all seriousness, I could spend the afternoon walking around Yellow Brick Trading Company, admiring the small trinkets, large furniture pieces, and handcrafted artwork that make this store special. As I walk through the shop, I can sense the stories that surround every piece. How cool is that? 
  If you ever find yourself in Chaska, make a visit to Yellow Brick Trading Company.

Located right in downtown on Chestnut Street.

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