Monday, February 9, 2015

History in the Heart of Minneapolis

The Stone Arch Bridge, in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, is one of those rare places that is historic, beautiful, and still very much a part of life in the city.

The Stone Arch Bridge has always been one of my favorite Minnesota must-sees. I love the historic feel it adds to a modernized city. It has a classic structure, but it's the only arched bridge made of stone that crosses the Mississippi. Even though the bridge has only recently been converted into a walking path for pedestrians, it still holds memories for millions. So many late night strolls have been taken, first dates and kisses had, races and marathons run, proposals made, pub crawls peddled, pictures taken, the list goes on.

The history of the Stone Arch Bridge spans back to 1883, when it was constructed by railroad tycoon James J. Hill, and was surrounded by working mills of all types. Don't get me wrong, this post isn't supposed to be a history lesson, but this structure is simply amazing. 

History aside, take a look at the incredible view! With St. Anthony's Falls to your left and the Minneapolis Skyline directly in front of you (depending on which way you're facing), it's no wonder the bridge is always bustling with people. Even in the dead of winter.

With all the runners passing me by as I casually strolled across the bridge, I thought I'd try to join in with a quick freeze frame! 

Check it out! Rain, snow, freezing temps or shine, the Stone Arch Bridge is a Minnesota must-see for all.